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Siemens  Sonoline Elegra

Sonoline Elegra

Colourdoppler from July 2000

complete refurbished

with 3.5C40 Convex (2.6/3.5/5.0 MHz) for general Purpose
with  7.5L40 Linear (5.0 bis 9.0 MHz)
Vascular-Corotid-Thyroid-Small Parts Probe

Colorprinter Mitsubishi CP700 (optional)

Following Softwareoptions inclusive:

THI Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Siescape Imaging

This system has the Capability of OB-General, Radiology- Vascular with Color Doppler.

  • Exceptional Doppler and color flow sensitivity, superior image quality, and comprehensive report packages provide the premium vascular solution.
  • The specific user-programmable presets can easily be optimized for all gestational ages to save time and increase exam quality. 
  • Superior image quality allows ultrasound to be the definitive diagnostic tool


  • Abdominal, Renal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Small Parts (breast, testicle, thyroid), Musculoskeletal, Cerebrovascular, Peripheral Vascular (arterial and venous), Digital, Transcranial Imaging and Doppler, Urology (pelvis, penile, prostate), Pediatrics (neonatal head, neonatal hip, abdomen)

Transducer Technology

  • Multi-D™ Array Transducer Technology for precise beam elevation control.
  • Linear, curved and phased array technology allows image displays in linear, sector, steered linear or trapezoid formats.
  • Electronic transducer selection.
  • Frequency range: 2.0 to 12.0 MHz.
  • Color and pulsed Doppler frequency range: 2.0 to 9.0 MHz.


7.5L40 Linear Array Transducer 7.5 MHz


Product Description

High-Density wideband linear array transducer supports up to five user selectable transmit frequencies in each mode. 
Depth of view ranges from 3 cm to 10 cm. Flexible scan formats in all imaging modes allow for the adaptation of the image to the medical situation. 
Linear, slant, and trapezoidal formats can be selected. Linear sector and steered formats can be selected. 
Beam steering of 25 degrees maximum is available with Doppler and color flow applications.

Supports the following applications:

Small Parts, Cerebro-Vascular, Vascular-Arterial and Vascular-Venous.

Technical Data

  • B-Mode Frequency Range - 5 - 9 MHz
  • Doppler Frequency Range - 5 - 7 MHz
  • Array Length - 40 mm

Product Compatibility

  • SONOLINE® Elegra and Elegra with Advanced Option.
  • For guided biopsy procedures a Stainless Steel Universal Needle Guide (52 60 489) is available. 



3.5C40H Curved Array Transducer 3.5 MHz

Product Description

Curved High-Density wideband transducer supports up to five user-selectable transmit frequencies in each mode. Depth of view ranges from 6 cm to 24 cm.

Supports the following applications:

Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Renal and Male Pelvis.

Technical Data

  • B-Mode Frequency Range - 2 - 5 MHz 
  • Doppler Frequencies - 2 - 4 MHz
  • Radius of Curvature - 40 mm

Product Compatibility

  • SONOLINE® Elegra and Elegra with Advanced Option
  • For guided biopsy procedures a Stainless Steel Universal Needle Guide (52 60 489) is available. 

6.5EV13 Endovaginal


Product Description

  • Wideband convex multiple frequency transducer for endocavity applications.
  • With SONOLINE® Elegra up to five transmit frequencies can be selected in each mode. 
    Depth of view ranges from 3 cm to 14 cm with a maximum image width of 132 degrees.
  • With SONOLINE Omnia, three frequencies are available. With SONOLINE Versa Plus and 
    SONOLINE Sienna one frequency is available. 
    Depth of view ranges from 3 cm to 13 cm with a maximum image width of 132 degrees.

Supports the following applications:

  • Obstetrics/Gynecology

Technical Data

  • B-Mode Frequency Range - 4 - 8 MHz
  • Doppler Frequency Range - 4 - 6 MHz
  • Radius of Curvature - 10 mm

Product Compatibility

  • SONOLINE Elegra, SONOLINE Omnia, SONOLINE Versa Plus, and SONOLINE Sienna platforms.


General Informations about Elegra:


Platform Processing Power

  • Crescendo™ Multi-Dimensional Image Processor provides super-computer processing power supporting a number of real-time image analyses, quantification, and reconstruction techniques. The programmable nature of these electronics provides a foundation for easy integration and faster delivery of new processing and analysis algorithms.
  • The super-computational power and speed of the SONOLINE® Elegra, providing more than 100 billion operations per second, allows the real-time processing of data using Siemens patented image formation algorithms.  

Imaging Modes

  • PW Doppler - the Multi-Spectrum Synthesizer samples, analyzes and compounds multiple Doppler data sets producing wide dynamic range Doppler with high sensitivity and accurate flow estimation.
  • Color Doppler - Patented Zero Loss Flow Processing technology processes 100% of the phase and amplitude data for excellent low flow detection and high spatial resolution.
Power Doppler Imaging - Power Mode provides improved sensitivity, angle independence and freedom from aliasing

Image Review and Storage

  • CINE review feature allows for retrieving of up to 1024 images and additionaly offers post-acquisition optimization of numerous imaging parameters.
  • Digital storage allows users to save and recall black/white and color images and 3-D volumes on the system's hard drive and Magneto-Optical disks. 2-D images are saved in DICOM or DEFF image formats. Each image stored to the MO disk or a network (DICOM) device is duplicated on the hard drive for data safety. 


  • Operational
  • SONOLINE® Elegra provides an ergonomic design with the most user-friendly control panel for ease of use.
  • Imaging presets for each application have been carefully selected to increase productivity.
  • A comprehensive range of transducers ensures optimum imaging for all patient types and exams.
  • SONOLINE Elegra contains an image processor so advanced that it redefines the meaning of state-of-the-art and yet remains flexible enough to implement future ultrasound applications.
A monitor display of 888 x 666 provides higher contrast resolution, a larger digital image, and increased reliability, resulting in diagnostic confidence


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